Original 2020 F1 Calendar
The F1 calendar was originally scheduled to feature a record 22 races. Due to the global pandemic many races are cancelled or postponed.
Original 22 races calendar

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1 October 2020
Does F1 need to rethink its penalty points system after Lewis Hamilton U-turn?
Does the FIA's U-turn over a penaltynbsp;for Lewis Hamilton at the Russian GP highlight a need for change with the F1 penalty points system...

1 October 2020
Romain Grosjean’s outbursts won’t affect Haas F1 2021 choice despite seat threat
Romain Grosjean's 'honest' appraisals of the Haas VF-20 during the Russian Grand Prix won't be held against him when it comes to making a 2...

30 September 2020
McLaren: Racing Point has “clearly” fastest car in F1 midfield fight for third
McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl says Racing Point has “clearly” the fastest car out of the F1 midfield runners amid a titanic battle ov...

30 September 2020
Mercedes F1 reserve should start training with Hamilton ban risk - Horner
Red Bull boss Christian Horner has joked nbsp;Mercedes’ F1nbsp;reserve driver should start training for the “pretty awkward” prospect of Le...

30 September 2020
Shwartzman gets first F1 run as Ferrari juniors prep for test debuts
Robert Shwartzman is getting his first running in a F1 car with Ferrari’s junior drivers testing at Fiorano to step up preparations for thei...

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May 1, 2023
F1's Greatest Rivalries: A Look at the Intense Competition Between Racing Legends
Formula 1, the most esteemed international racing competition, involves different teams contending in various Grand Prix races to win the prestigious title. Ferrari, McLaren, Williams, and Mercedes as the most notorious teams, have remained fierce rivals battling over the years to win the championships. In this article, we’ll take a look at the greatest rivalries […]
March 15, 2023
What are the Best Five Formula 1 Racetracks in the World?
Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motorsport, featuring some of the fastest and most technologically advanced racing cars in the world. But the cars are only part of the equation, as the tracks themselves play a crucial role in determining the outcome of a race. Some drivers may perform better on a particular racetrack compared […]
February 24, 2023
F1’s Biggest Season Yet
Fans are just a few weeks out from experiencing the biggest season yet in F1, with 23-races to take place after the race in China has already been confirmed cancelled due to restrictive COVID policies. With F1 growing globally, with a huge fandom from the US, Europe still hooked, and even other countries accepting wagering […]
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Cancelled or postponed 2020 Formula 1 races

A virtual lap of Nurburgring, often called "The Ring" by the enthusiasts. The tight and challenging circuit has a mix of high and low-speed corners with limited overtaking possibilities, putting a premium on qualifying and fast pit stops.

A virtual lap of Istanbul Park, in Tuzla, east of Istanbul. The key to setting a good lap time is good aerodynamic efficiency. The spectacular turn 8, Diabolica, is an extremely fast sweeping left-hander turn with four apexes taken on the same line at around 250 km/h.

A virtual lap of Bahrain International Circuit. The circuit has one of the most unique surroundings on the F1 calendar due to its location in the middle of a desert. Sand on the circuit can result in loss of grip and additional thermal problems, if it gets into the car.