2019 Formula 1 World Championship

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Formula 1 world championship points system

Points are awarded as follows:

1st place25 points
2nd place18 points
3rd place15 points
4th place12 points
5th place10 points
6th place8 points
7th place6 points
8th place4 points
9th place2 points
10th place1 point  

The only exception to this is when a race is suspended and cannot be restarted. If less than 75 % of the race distance has been completed half points are awarded, and if less than two laps have been completed, no points are awarded.

To receive points a driver must finish in the top 10 positions and need not finish the race, but must have covered at least 90 % of the winner's race distance. The drivers and constructors championship titles are awarded to the driver and constructor that have the most points at the end of the season.

If two or more drivers or constructors have the same number of points, their positions in the championship are fixed according to the quality of their places. One first place is better than any number of second places, one second place is better than any number of third places, and so on.